By: Valeria Arteaga

Arin Kornblat has been working in the program since August 2017. In fact, he was one of the first participants to be in the program when it started. The program has been an enriching and fulfilling experience for him because it taught him skills and gave him the ability to learn in an encouraging environment.

Within the program, his duties include assisting his coworkers with miscellaneous tasks, cleaning up workspaces, and  portioning and packaging various food products that are displayed in the cafe. One of the things he enjoys about the program is getting to enjoy the delicious food he’s made after his shift.

Outside of Friendship Circle, Arin is an established fiction writer. He’s had a passion for writing since he was born in 1982, and every once in a while attributes something from his past to his characters. He makes it a goal to write at least 45 pages a week, whether it be songs, poems, or short stories. His process includes writing songs first and then creating short stories to connect them and as he describes, “It’s like having a movie with a soundtrack.” Arin says. Arin has been published by the Grand Avenue Writing Group and during his time in college.

Arin was given the opportunity to combine his love for writing and working at The Friendship Circle by publishing a pamphlet about being employed at FC. On August 28, 2022  Arin celebrated working at FC for 5 years.