Leah Stein
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Mrs. Leah Stein M.S. Sp.ED, born and raised in New York, has been honored to work with individuals with disabilities for over 15 years in various capacities. 
After receiving a Masters degree in special education and administrative education, Leah worked in the New York City Board of Education, as a cognitive and behavioral therapist. Experiencing one on one life struggles with children with varying disabilities, Leah saw the importance of socialization and the lack of this vital treasure in the lives of people with special needs.
Leah moved to Milwaukee in 2016 to direct the Friendship Circle of Wisconsin, an organization that gives friendship and support to individuals with special needs and their families.
Leah and her husband, Rabbi Levi Stein also established Friendship Bakery, an employment training program for adults with disabilities. 
 Leah is inspired daily by the power of friendship, inclusion and the amazing community of Milwaukee.