Teen Leadership Board
The TLB offers a variety of unique leadership opportunities for teens who wish to make a deeper commitment to our mission. These programs go hand in hand with Fellowship Awards, provide comprehensive leadership development, and are excellent credentials on college admissions applications.

Leaders gain valuable leadership skills, provide integral support to Friendship Circle programs, and participate in exclusive community engagement activities. Through our dynamic and rewarding meetings, teen leaders engage in group workshops and strategic discussions building the future of Friendship Circle.  We infuse the program with exciting, thought provoking events which raise awareness and strengthen advocacy for the special needs community. Leaders gain hands on experience working along side the FC staff to recruit new members and run our programs.  


Leadership Roles

Teen leadership board members will help guide our path for future curriculum and outreach. They will be involved in further enhancing our programs to be more meaningful and enjoyable, as well as recruit peers for our programs and community events. Through this experience they will work on creativity, goal setting and teamwork with their fellow board members. The Teen leaders grow in their leadership skills and are sure to make a great impact on the world, one friendship at a time!


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