Beyond bakery: What makes some locally-made sweet treats extra special



"The Friendship Bakery give me and my friends jobs" - Shira M.

GLENDALE --  When it comes to finding the best baked goods in town, it's often said that the proof is in the pudding. And Glendale's Friendship Bakery is delivering the goods. Brian Kramp introduces us to a local group that not only bakes amazing bread, but also creates friendships and jobs for some very special people.

“Brian introduces us to a local group that not only bakes amazing bread, but also creates friendships ”

About Friendship Circle of Wisconsin

The Friendship Circle's mission is to provide individuals with special needs the support, friendship, and inclusion they deserve. We do this through an amazing team of community volunteers ages 5-86. Together, they engage in a variety of shared social, recreational, educational, and therapeutic experiences. All told, we serve around 1,600 individuals each year through 24 unique programs.

By integrating those with challenges into our community and with your help, we are reversing mindsets. Through highlighting achievements, not limitations, we create a world of acceptance and inclusion, helping these special souls to achieve their fullest potential.

How We're Different

While many wonderful organizations assist those with special needs, most are focused on goal-oriented therapeutic care. The Friendship Circle brings another dimension in that it channels the energy of community volunteers to provide impactful programming and meaningful friendships for individuals with a full spectrum of special needs. By having this unconditional love flow from the youthful spirit of well-guided teenagers and also adults, our volunteers are able to reach individuals in ways that professionals, or even family members, cannot.  At the same time, the program has had a profound effect on our teen and adult volunteers, instilling within them the values of giving and gratitude.

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