BAYSIDE, Wis. — Think of tall the friends you had growing up. For many people with special needs, they do not have any.

The Friendship Circle's mission is to change all of that for children and adults with special needs.

A hallmark of the program is bringing volunteers into families homes to build friendship. LEGO Store In Mayfair Mall Hosts "American Roadshow"

Georgiy Verkhovykh's family shares how the organization helped him build a network of friends.

"For him it's his whole world," explained Georgiy's mother.

The event also took a religious tone. This non-profit organization is a vision from a Jewish organization which has centers all over the world.

"One of the foundations of Judaism is love your fellows, like yourself. Friendship Circle really embodies that mission with everything they do," explained Rabbi Levi Stein, Director of Friendship Circle of Wisconsin.

If you would like to learn more about Friendship Circle, click here.

TODAY'S TMJ4 Live at Daybreak anchor/reporter Julia Fello emceed Sunday's event.