Friendship Art Gallery is Now Open!!

Inside Friendship Art Studio



Hours:  Monday through Thursday 12:30pm to 5pm, Friday 6am to 3pm, Sunday 9am to 5pm

Friendship Art Gallery offers our Friendship Circle participants the opportunity to sell their unique art pieces. Stop in and see the variety of works, including paintings, greeting cards, decoupage decor and more—the inventory is always changing! 

You will also find several Inclusion Pieces—collaborative works of art created by our participants, staff and volunteers during various programs held here.  Everyone attending the event gets to contribute to the final project.  Everyone is someone, and everyone is an artist!

"Missed Taxi" by Caleb Grunewold, "Goddess" by Evan Antonoff, Hearts Inclusion Project


Browse the gallery or make a purchase...a percentage of the proceeds of each piece sold supports Friendship Circle and helps us continue our mission: to serve the community right here in Fox Point, Wisconsin, and beyond!