Offering light and hope to those experiencing grief. 

Grief is a unique experience for everyone in the face of a significant personal loss. Someone can grieve the loss of family, friends, pets, relationships, marriages, jobs, health and independence. Having support during grief is critical to a renewed sense of living and letting go the roller coaster of emotions experienced by a life changing event. These grief groups are offered weekly on Wednesdays and are led by a highly skilled culturally competent mental health clinician. 

In hourly sessions, participants learn how to accept the reality of their loss and are supported through the process of experiencing and acknowledging the physical, emotional and spiritual pain. During the course of group, participants find a way to positively adjust to their new situation, learning new skills and reaching out to others for help. Success is realized when participants are able to reinvest emotional energy into their life and reconnect emotionally with others. 

The Grief Support Groups are free to attend to promote full inclusion and reduce any financial barriers to participation. These sessions are free and open to the community, regardless of race, religion, age, sexual identity, gender identity, ethnic origin, or ability. 

Facilitated by Judy Strauss, LPC, and co-facilitated by a Masters-level social work intern.

For more information contact Kat Blackwell, Clinic Services Coordinator at
Jewish Family Services phone: 414-225-1374, or email [email protected] 
Friendship Circle
Riverpoint Village Shopping Center
8649 N Port Washington Road
Fox Point, WI 53217 

Weekly on Wednesday from 12pm - 1pm