Friendship Cafe & Bakery was created to address a vocational education gap that occurs for high school graduates with disabilities. Many of these graduates have limited employment options consisting of a narrow range of tasks or community participation programs. Friendship Cafe & Bakery provides an outstanding alternative. 

Adults with disabilities 18+, have the opportunity to learn the important skills needed to operate a cafe and bakery. From making a latte, running the register, mixing ingredients, decorating desserts, to packaging finished products and delivering the delicious pastries and challah to your door, our trainees are involved in it all. 

Participants receive the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to a business in a challenging, safe, supervised environment. The Friendship Cafe & Bakery equips them with valuable skills for employment. Most importantly, it builds independence and self-esteem giving each individual a sense of purpose and ownership for their work. 

The majority of the preparation will be done independently with Friendship Circle staff checking each step and providing support when needed. There will be a number of volunteers on hand to assist when necessary.

The Friendship Cafe & Bakery Program is for:

This program is tailored for independent adults with special needs who do not require one-on-one assistance with a staff member or volunteer. 

Friendship Cafe & Bakery Program: 

Participants will learn the process of running the register, making coffee, preparing different pastries and bread products, kitchen and food preparation skills, and social interaction skills. 

The Friendship Cafe & Bakery will have its desserts and challah distributed to individuals and local organizations, so participants will be responsible for baking on schedule to meet demand. 

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All bakery products are kosher pareve - Pas Yisroel, and is under the strict kosher supervision the WI-K (Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin). Some products in the cafe are dairy and Chalav Yisroel.