MW.jpgMarissa Wichman
Program Director


Marissa Rose Wichman was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was privileged to have a rich Jewish education from Jewish Beginnings Preschool and Hillel Academy. Marissa is blessed with 14 year old brother Joshua with special needs who has been involved with

Friendship Circle since he was young, which inspired her to join the team!

Marissa attended the University of Colorado, Boulder and received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. After graduation she taught 1st grade in a small, rural and predominantly spanish speaking town in Colorado for 3 years before returning home to Milwaukee.

 She continued to teach in Elm Grove prior to entering Child Welfare for Milwaukee County for 2 years. 

The Friendship Circle was so welcoming and inclusive, Marissa felt a strong need to be involved with their mission of changing the world through friendship. Marissa is highly family oriented and is honored to join the Friendship Circle family.